Shadow theatre for ages 4 and over

This colourful tale from the Arabian Nights is set in the Middle East: a place of mystery, enchantment and strange, mythical creatures. Large scale contemporary Shadow Puppet theatre tells of a poor street boy who falls hopelessly in love with a Royal Princess.
What magic would he need just to see her again?

Follow his wild and dangerous adventures as he gets caught up in excitement way beyond his control. Find out more about this inspirational and accessible art form after the show.

Duration 50 minutes

Directed by Haviel Perdana with Mark Pitman
Performed by Anna Ingleby & Haviel Perdana
Original Music by Haviel Perdana
Characters designed by Susanna Samanek
Scenery by Anna Ingleby & Haviel Perdana

Choice of Workshops available for venues:
Shadow Puppet Making
Contemporary Shadow Theatre Techniques

An Ideal Family Activity or Educational Stimulus for:
Shadow & Light and Science
Literacy & Cross-Curricular projects

Technical Requirements
Follow this link
Aladdin stage plan

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