A collaboration between French Compagnie Via Cane & Indigo Moon Theatre
Suitable for Adults / Age 12+

What if Shakespeare and Moliѐre were our contemporaries? What would they write about migrants come from the world over? A wave of migrants has landed on French and English shores, all hoping for a better life.

Grandeur and decadence, social upheaval and love affairs are brought to life by a puppeteer from each country, each playing the role of a border guard… a highly visual bilingual production bringing classic texts into a very contemporary context…

Here’s a mighty original battle! Shakespeare versus Moliѐre casts an eye over the historic rivalry which binds together England and France: two countries with destinies so intertwined. This challenge apart, this creative collaboration between two puppet companies from either side of the Channel — using table–top Puppetry, Acting , objects, live cued Music & projection, sees them drawing upon the genius of Shakespeare, Moliѐre and other great playwrights to boot.

Written by: Jean-Frederic Noa
Co-Directed by: Jean-Frederic Noa and Steve Tiplady
Puppets by: Anna Ingleby
Music by: Haviel Perdana
Performed by: Anna Ingleby & Jean-Frederic Noa
Video TV Inserts: Havi Ibrahim
Translation / Dramaturgy / Literary Advisor: Dr.Philip Crispin

Follow this link to see a Video Trailer of Shakespeare versus Moliѐre

An ideal stimulus for:
Post – show discussion on the current migrant situation
A workshop on puppet / object theatre techniques as a powerful means of theatrical expression.
This production was selected for a development residency in Billom, Auvergne, France to develop into a full 60 minutes piece, for performing in France prior to its full length UK premiere at the Heads Up Festival, part of Hull City of Culture 2017 – March 8th – 12th at the Indigo Moon Studio Theatre.

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